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How much is car hire in Turkey? Daily hourly weekly rental rates, cost?

Turkey is a land of myth, a cradle of civilizations, a canvas of natures most aesthetic bounties & a confluence of varied streams of culture. Sitting on the continents of Europe & Asia, Turkey is a diverse country where East meets West, so it’s not surprising that Turkey has something to suit all tastes. In Turkey every visitor can find something for themselves, the world class cuisine, vibrant cities, warm hospitality, recreational facilities, historical attractions, cultural heritage, over 8000 km's coastline & an unparallel natural beauty make Turkey an irresistible holiday destination for independent travellers. We invite you to discover the Turkey we know; one country, two continents & a thousand colours...

Would you like to explore the entire island by car? Are you planning to stay here for an extended period of time and would like to travel with comfort? If you answered «yes», then this web site is for you. If you want to pick up and drop off your car at a specific location, you don’t need to pay to have it delivered to you. But if you want to rent it, say, in Bodrum and drive it to the airport or any other location on the peninsula and leave it there, you do not need to pay extra for the cost of delivery. Many tourists prefer to book their car online before arriving to Turkey and pick it up at the airport. This brings down the cost and solves the problem of airport transfer.


Economy car hire in turkey
Economy Cars
TL 19 per day
Compact car hire in Turkey
Compact Car Rental
TL 23 per day
Intermediate car rental Turkey
Intermediate Cars
TL 29 per day
Full size car Turkey
Full Size Cars
TL 35 per day
4x4 SUV car hire Turkey car rentals
4X4 SUV Cars
TL 55 per day
turkey rental minibus
Minibus / Van
TL 70 per day

Turkey electric cars hire
Electric Cars
TL 80 per day
Sports cars rental Turkey
Sport Cars
TL 70 per day
turkey rental hummer limo
Limousines / Limos
TL 90 per day
Turkey caravan cars hire
Caravan & Rv
TL 60 per day
Motorbike rental Turkey
TL 30 per day
Turkey rental scooter
TL 20 per day

What documents do you need to rent a car in Turkey

A driver’s license, A passport, A credit card (even if the car company doesn’t «block» your credit card, it might still ask for it for damage protection, accidents, etc.) Attention: if you are over 23 years old, you should have a pretty easy time renting a car. If you are under 23, but your driving experience is at least 3 years, you shouldn’t have any problems either. But if you are under 23 and you’ve been driving for less than 3 years, it is unlikely that you will be able to secure a comprehensive insurance policy and your deductible will mostly go up.

Car rental cost in Turkey will depend on a number of factors: The car itself — type of class, size, type of transmission (automatic is more expensive) and most importantly — how old the car is. Older vehicles are considerably cheaper (but don’t go too far with that, since a really old car is more likely to break down in the middle of the road). The best option is a car that is 3-5 years old. Number of days you plan to use the car. The longer you plan to drive it — the less you will pay per day. Just one extra day can make a huge difference in how much you pay. Ask your sales agent about different rates for different rental periods. The season: peak season (May-October) has scorchingly high prices in store for us. Off peak season offers far more moderate prices. So don’t be surprised when you find out that your friends got a much better deal on their rental car in April than you did in July. Pricing — large rental chains are rarely willing to offer discounts, whereas smaller local companies are often able to compromise in order to secure a customer.

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Car hire prices / discounts / promotions

  • % 20 discount for renting between 2-4 days
  • % 30 discount for hire between 5-7 days
  • % 50 discount for renting between 8-12 days
  • % 60 discount for renting monthly
  • % 20 discount for early booking ( at least 15 days before )
  • % 20 discount for renting 2 cars at same time
  • % 30 discount for renting 3-5 cars at same time
  • % 50 discount for renting 6-9 cars at same time
  • % 70 discount for renting 10 and more cars at same time
  • % 40 discount for early booking ( at least 30 days before )
  • Baby / child seat is free
  • Unlimited km / no limitation
  • Gps / Navigation is free
  • No fee for second, third driver
  • Full insurance / no commission for credit card payment


For booking requests within the next 48 hours please contact the office or click Book Now.

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