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How much is a car rental in Turkey? Daily hourly weekly rental rates, cost?

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Your rental cost will always include the cost of third-party insurance. You also will have to not pay extra if you want to get more coverage. Other car rental companies are asking extra money for additional insurance prices range between 7-15 euros a day. This type of coverage does not include damage to tires, windshield and car bottom. Some agencies will offer the option of buying this type of coverage separately (prices will range from 5 to 12 euros a day). At other car hire companies in Turkey, without comprehensive coverage you are responsible for damages within the amount of your deductible, which is usually no more than 800 euros for a small car (price will increase with vehicle class). Always inquire about your insurance policy and whether or not it covers damage to tires, car bottom and windshield. Check your rental car before accepting it to see if there is any damage. If so, document it by taking photographs and mentioning it in your contract. At www.turkeycarrentalcompany.com your car is fully insured and you do not need to pay hidden cost.


Economy car hire in turkey
Economy Cars
TL 19 per day
Compact car hire in Turkey
Compact Car Rental
TL 23 per day
Intermediate car rental Turkey
Intermediate Cars
TL 29 per day
Full size car Turkey
Full Size Cars
TL 35 per day
4x4 SUV car hire Turkey car rentals
4X4 SUV Cars
TL 55 per day
turkey rental minibus
Minibus / Van
TL 70 per day

Turkey electric cars hire
Electric Cars
TL 80 per day
Sports cars rental Turkey
Sport Cars
TL 70 per day
turkey rental hummer limo
Limousines / Limos
TL 90 per day
Turkey caravan cars hire
Caravan & Rv
TL 60 per day
Motorbike rental Turkey
TL 30 per day
Turkey rental scooter
TL 20 per day

What is the cost of gas / diesel / gasoline in Turkey

There are usually two options when it comes to rental companies’ gas policies in Turkey. Your rental car comes with a full tank. You pay for it the day you rent your car based on current gas rates and return your car with an empty gas tank (you will not get a refund for the gas left in the tank). Your rental car comes with a full tank, which you must fill up when you return your car. The most popular octane rating in Turkey is 95 (0,75 euros per liter) and diesel (0,85 euros per liter).

Just visit the personal websites of the local car hire companies featured in our portal to hire a car during your visit to Turkey. You can rent luxury cars for maximum comfort, great cheap cars to fit your budget and also minibus hires, bike rentals and motorcycle rentals as well. Rent a car in Turkey and get the freedom to explore the country on your own. By hiring a car from trusted car hire companies you can benefit from some of the best deals and you are treated with professionalism.

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Car hire prices / discounts / promotions

  • % 20 discount for renting between 2-4 days
  • % 30 discount for hire between 5-7 days
  • % 50 discount for renting between 8-12 days
  • % 60 discount for renting monthly
  • % 20 discount for early booking ( at least 15 days before )
  • % 20 discount for renting 2 cars at same time
  • % 30 discount for renting 3-5 cars at same time
  • % 50 discount for renting 6-9 cars at same time
  • % 70 discount for renting 10 and more cars at same time
  • % 40 discount for early booking ( at least 30 days before )
  • Baby / child seat is free
  • Unlimited km / no limitation
  • Gps / Navigation is free
  • No fee for second, third driver
  • Full insurance / no commission for credit card payment


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