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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Limo in Turkey? Daily hourly weekly rental rates, cost in Turkey?

Limousines for rent are widely available for various types of occasions and special events. The most common ones include birthdays, weddings, prom, bachelor and bachelorette parties, sporting events, school field trips and business events. There are several different types of limousines you can choose from depending on your needs. These include SUV limos, stretch limos, classic cars and luxury sedans.

In terms of driving service you’ll be able to choose between a one way, two way or multi location trip. During an event a limousine rental can also be used as a shuttle going back and forth between two locations. The cost of limousine rental is affected by several factors such as hourly rate, time of day and the day of the week.

Lincoln limo car hire in Turkey
Lincoln Town Car / White
TL 55 per day
Lincoln Black Limo hire in Turkey
Lincoln Town Car / Black
TL 60 per day
Hummer limo rental Turkey
Hummer Limo / Red
TL 75 per day
Hummer limo hire pink car Turkey
Hummer Limo / Pink
TL 75 per day
Hummer Limo / Black hire Turkey car rentals
Hummer Limo / Black
TL 75 per day
Hummer limo price brown
Hummer Limo / Brown
TL 70 per day

Turkey chrysler limo hire
Chrysler Limo
TL 65 per day
Ford limo rental Turkey
Ford Limo
TL 65 per day
turkey gmc limo hire
GMC Limo
TL 55 per day
Turkey party limo hire
Party Limo
TL 70 per day
Party bus rental Turkey
Party Bus
TL 65 per day
Turkey luxury limo rental
Luxury Limo
TL 90 per day

What documents do you need to rent a car in Turkey

Most limo rental companies charge their customers by the hour. This is applicable to a variety of different vehicles. Before you can rent a limo successfully you should be able to meet the minimum number of hours required by the company. A 4 hour minimum requirement is typical for most limo companies. There are usually price packages for specific events such as prom night or a wedding. The more features and amenities a limo has the more expensive it will be per hour. Size is also a factor so determining an accurate passenger count can help you figure out a price.

When it comes to renting limos evening time is usually more expensive than daytime rentals. The main reason for the increase in prices is the greater demand for the service during the evening. As more people require their services, they begin increasing their prices. Daytime costs could equally be as high as evening rates when it’s a holiday or there’s a special occasion. More people rent limos during the weekend compared to weekdays. As a result, the rental costs significantly increases on Fridays and Saturdays. The minimum hours required are also increased during these times. The location of services also determines how much the overall cost will be.

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