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If you want to hire a car with cheapest rates in Turkey, you just fill online booking form below and complete your reservation with easy steps. Vehicle Type: Every car rental service has a different way of classifying the vehicles they rent, but in general, the fancier and larger the vehicle, the more you will pay. An Economy vehicle, usually a small car, is typically your cheapest option. A fancy sports car might cost as much as 50 percent more to rent, which you might have suspected. But surprisingly, even a minivan can cost nearly double to rent as a standard economy car does.

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How Long You Drive in Turkey: Generally, the longer you book a car for, the lower your per-day rate will be. Keep in mind that most places will not let you rent a car for fewer than 24 hours, so even if you only need a vehicle for a few hours, you will still be required to pay for at least one full day of use. Additionally, if you cut your trip short, you may not necessarily save all that much money by returning your car early.