Brief History of Turkey

Turkey is a modern country with a captivating blend of antiquity and contemporary and East and West. Get interesting information about Turkey and read up on our history, culture and art, nature and geography, traditional culinary culture, real Turkish lifestyle and more. All you need to know about Turkey and beyond. Turkey is located at the southwestern extremity of Asia and at the southeastern extremity of Europe. With territories in two continents, Turkey is a bridge between them and at the same time a door leading from one to the other. Turkey is bordered on the west by Greece and Bulgaria, on the east by Georgia and Armenia and Iran, and on the south by Iraq and Syria.

With its large range of mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, flora and fauna, Turkey is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. The opportunities for activities such as cycling, trekking, horse-riding, skiing and white water rafting are endless in this uncrowded country covering 814.578 square kilometers, and between the lush greenery of the Black Sea Coast and the hot, dry Mediterranean coast, there are a multitude of landscapes to choose from. With more than 10, 000 years of history, Turkey is also rich in culture and ancient sites, which together with its natural beauty make this country a fascinating place to explore.

Cheap Car Rentals in Turkey

If you are planning a Turkey holiday, Best Top Turkey Car Rentals in can assist with a cheap car rental transport which won’t break your getaway travel budget. We’ve been helping travellers tour around this magnificent city of Turkey, taking advantage of its scenic attractions with budget priced car rentals that will take you there and back safely, comfortably, reliably and very affordably. Turkey’s population is around 74.5 million (2006 census). Because of its geographical location, Turkey is a melting pot of cultures and a unique blend of eastern and western tradition pervades throughout the country. History and modernity comfortably co-exist throughout all facets of life in this unique country.

Accommodation & Food

When staying in Turkey be sure that you take advantage of your car rental savings and dine out at one of the many gourmet cuisine restaurants, followed by experiencing one of the many festivals, rock gigs or plays that the city has to offer. Epic sporting events both local and international regularly take place across this multicultural city that’s full of sensational parks, open spaces and beautiful gardens coupled with historic architecture. There's so many places for travellers to explore from Federation Square, Crown casino or the Turkey arcades and laneways lined with exquisite dining restaurants, trendy cafes, hidden bars and fashion boutiques, the city of Turkey has colourful vibrant atmosphere well worth taking in.


Wherever you go in Turkey there is always tasty food to eat, including street food such as bread rings covered in sesame seeds; deep fried mussels with a garlic rich sauce; warm roasted almonds and pistachio nuts; pastries bathed in syrup; divine milky desserts and chewy ice creams. In the many restaurants and street cafés you can dine in style eggplants stuffed, grilled or fried in endless ways; tangy salads and yoghurt dips strongly flavored with garlic. Every town and city has a market where you will find a wealth of fresh seasonal produce, such as plump olives and crunchy pickles, fresh figs, ruby red pomegranates, juicy ripe peaches, pungent spices, and fresh leafy herbs, which are sold like bunches of flowers.

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